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Boot~ique with VIDEO: Get a strong, sexy stomach

Did you have a little too much fun over the summer and need to drop a few pounds around your middle? Want to get a set of hot, sexy abs? Jaylin has just the circuit for you!

Boot~ique: The more you eat, the more weight you lose?

How can we possibly tell you to eat more food in order to lose more weight? It's true and it's all in the food selection, preparation and combinations that are the magic key to weight loss. Check out these five tips on losing weight faster.

A 90-day challenge: Bootcamp is for tough gals (and wussies like me)

The first week of bootcamp may be over for the assistant editor of SDGLN, but she has to keep her mind in transformation mode every minute of every day of this 90-day challenge she's committed herself to. Here is the first of her weekly updates.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: How to stretch after a workout

You've always heard how important it is to stretch before you participate in any physical exercise, but did you know it is even more important to stretch after you have completed your workout?

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Fat burning workout for lean legs

Lean up those legs with a quick circuit by Sarah, a trainer at Bootique Fitness. Also learn more about how you can transform your body in just 90 days.

Boot~ique: Five ways to drop those extra pounds

This week Jaylin tells you how to avoid Snacky McSnackerson, and appreciate the little things in life we often take for granted.

Boot~ique: What is your workout personality?

Everyone has a unique workout style that matches their personality. Find out what your workout personality is. Also -- Jaylin recently injured herself doing what she loves most. Find out how she adjusted to her injury to keep up her style and routine!

Boot~ique: What is the best workout for women?

Living in San Diego's mild climate gives you so many opportunities and options for working out and keeping fit. What is your favorite way to keep your body on the move?