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Boot~ique: How to be snack-smart

Using snacking to control the urge to take your body to the brink of hunger pangs before your next meal is a healthy way to shape your diet and forgo overeating. Unfortunately, many people do the exact opposite.

Boot~ique: 11 ways to prevent knee pain

Knees are the most commonly injured joints in the body, therefore, it's best to arm yourself with ways to prevent or alleviate minor pains before they become major ones. Here are some great stretches and strength training exercises you can even do at home or work.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Dash your diva into shape!

Prepare for the upcoming Diva Dash with the ladies of Bootique Fitness. Jaylin has created a six-week program so you can train and dash with them.

Boot~ique: Four short-cuts to avoid holiday weight gain

With the holiday season steaming straight ahead, Jaylin has tips on how to make the most out of your meals without giving up your favorite holiday treats. Also, learn about the upcoming Diva Dash and how you can train for it.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Total body tone-up

Jaylin gives you ways to target major muscle groups and give yourself a total body workout.

Boot~ique: Halloween can be full of scary temptations

Halloween can be a scary time for some people, especially for those going it alone or those without a plan to counteract the temptations of the season.

Boot~ique: How short is too short?

If you only have short spurts available for exercising, Jaylin has ideas how you can get the most out of that time and still burn calories all day long. She also wants you to know about Zumba as an alternative to standard exercise.