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Danny Arguetty loves creating healthy spaces for people to come together. Noticing the limited amount of activities for gay men that do not involve alcohol, drugs or sexual pretext, he is launching a yoga class for gay, bi and queer men at The Yoga Factory in Hillcrest.

Get a LIFE: What is yoga?

Danny explains some of the basic fundamentals of yoga – an ever-popular practice of movement, breathing, focus and awareness.

Get a LIFE: Are you a sun lover?

Everyone talks about the long-term effects of sun damage, but no one talks about sunscreen. Believe it or not, the sunscreen industry is one of the least regulated.

Get a LIFE: The importance of a potent laugh

Laughter is an age-old elixir that softens our armor, brightens the heart, and provides a plethora of health benefits to help us stay vibrant and sharp.