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Women's fitness

Boot~ique: 11 ways to prevent knee pain

Knees are the most commonly injured joints in the body, therefore, it's best to arm yourself with ways to prevent or alleviate minor pains before they become major ones. Here are some great stretches and strength training exercises you can even do at home or work.

Boot~ique: Two causes for belly fat and how to fit them

Doing something as stringent as counting calories to lose weight isn't necessary to shed pounds. A much more effective way to lose weight and shrink your stomach is to focus on high quality foods and ones that are high in fiber and other nutrients.

Boot~ique: Get a kick out of your workout

Jaylin has a new fitness circuit that will target your legs and obliques and mix your normal work-out up a bit.

Boot~ique: 8 things lean people do

There are seven specific things that lean people do, and if done by you, will impact your body in such a way that you will see your body transform before you know it.

Boot~ique with VIDEO: Make your legs lean now

To get the most out of your legs, you need to push them farther than you have before. This quick circuit will do just that.