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Whole Foods

Whole Foods cake accuser dismisses lawsuit

Pastor drops case against Whole Foods for homophobic cake icing.

As if it wasn’t already apparent, the gentleman who said he went into Whole Foods last month and got a cake with hate speech iced on it, has admitted it was all a hoax.

Jordan Brown claimed that his Whole Foods in Austin Texas was the site where a cake decorator added the word “fag” to his cake which was only supposed to say “Love Wins.”

Iced homophobic slur added to cake, pastor sues Whole Foods

Texas Pastor sues Whole Foods for added slur to his cake

A Texas gay pastor just wanted a cake that read “Love Wins.” What he allegedly got instead was a cake with a disturbing editorial.

Pastor Jordan Brown says that he went into a Whole Foods store on April 14 and ordered a cake for his congregation Church of Open Doors.