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West Hollywood

Lessons Learned: Freedom from domestic violence is short-lived, victim says

In the final episode of a two-part, first-person account of domestic violence in the LGBT community, Jeff Gilson of San Diego escapes his hell on Earth on the East Coast only to find himself in another one on the West Coast. Find out what happened to him.

WeHo construction site adds "Before I Die" art installation

What's the one thing you want to do before you die? Angelenos will get the chance to answer this question publicly thanks to the artists at Before I Die, a public art project that invites residents to write their deepest wishes on a street-facing chalk billboard.

New efforts aims to bring the "L" back to WeHo

The new Lesbian Center hopes to provide a safe space where L.A.-area lesbians of all ages and backgrounds can get together and develop a sense of community outside of the bar scene.

Parking in WeHo? Meter enforcement hours expanded

In what it is calling an effort to "better serve local businesses and the broader community" the City of West Hollywood has expanded its parking meter enforcement hours, effective since last Monday.