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Washington state

Summit to focus on LGBT aging issues

The "Over the Rainbow” summit is designed to explore challenges faced by LGBT folks in finding culturally competent long-term care — whether in their homes or in institutions.

Couple takes action against florist for anti-gay discrimination

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says it is representing a Kennewick, Wash., gay couple in seeking remedies from a florist that discriminated against them by refusing to provide flowers for their wedding.

T-Mobile announces support for marriage equality

T-Mobile said it was endorsing Washington’s Referendum 74 — the November ballot initiate that will ask voters to approved or reject the marriage equality law approved by the state legislature earlier this year, and signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire on Feb. 13.

Supporters raise $950,000 in June to uphold Washington’s gay marriage law

Supporters of same-sex marriage in Washington state announced Monday they had raised more than $952,000 in June, bringing total contributions to more than $2 million in its campaign to uphold the state’s new marriage equality law, which is on hold pending the outcome of a November ballot measure.