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Marston Point in Balboa Park, a part of San Diego's gay history

Marston Point is an important part of San Diego's LGBT history.

Marston Point in Balboa Park has a long and sordid LGBT history. It was there that many men sought the comfort of others in illegal sexual activities long before the age of Grindr, and Scruff.

The area, mostly cruised by men was a place to quench the carnal appetite during the 50’s and 60’s, a time when such desires may have landed you in jail, or worse.

Are DUI checkpoints legal?

Police need to believe you’ve done something wrong before they can stop you, otherwise pulling you over could violate your Fourth Amendment rights. But what about DUI checkpoints, which allow police to stop cars and check whether drivers are drunk?

How North Park transformed from drive-thru to drive-to

For a few years North Park’s been San Diego’s most-talked about neighborhood. It’s basically ground zero for the city’s touted craft beer industry, makes national “hippest neighborhood” lists and functions as the proving ground for urbanist trends like parklets and bike corrals. And for the last few years, North Park’s also been the battlefield for an ongoing fight over drive-thrus.

Voice of San Diego hosts mayoral discussion

The four front-runners in the race for San Diego Mayor squared off in a non-traditional, no-holds-barred debate hosted by the nonprofit news website Voice of San Diego.

How small developers are filling in the urban core

Young architects have joined established names like Lloyd Russell, Ted Smith and Jonathan Segal to pursue an identifiable urban-centric style and mentality.