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Supreme Court halts gay marriages in Utah

The U.S. Supreme Court decided today to issue a stay requested by the State of Utah to halt same-gender marriages in that state, pending an appeal. The fourth attempt by the State of Utah finally succeeded.

Supreme Court makes no rulings today on Prop 8 and DOMA

The window of time to release any decisions during this session of the high court is winding down. The only other two announced dates are Monday, June 24, or Thursday, June 27, but the Supreme Court can always add dates anytime through Friday, June 28.

Parents: School "mishandled" situation that led to their son's suicide

The parents of 14-year-old David Phan, an openly gay student who shot and killed himself in front of horrified classmates on November 29, are speaking out and accusing school officials of "mishandling" the situation that led to their son's death.

Utah Governor vetoes abstinence-only sex education law

The measure, House Bill 363, would have also prohibited any instruction in regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other instruction on human sexuality outside of promoting abstinence.