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U.S. Supreme Court

Obama applauds SCOTUS ruling knocking down DOMA

President Barack Obama releases a statement after the U.S. Supreme Court made its ruling this morning on the Defense of Marriage Act.

What the demise of Prop 8 and DOMA means to you

The marriage rulings will make federal protections available for up to 114,000 legally married same-sex couples nationwide and open marriage to California’s estimated 1.1 million LGBT adults


Gay and lesbian couples in California who have been waiting four long years to get married can start making wedding plans again after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that supporters of Proposition 8 did not have legal standing to defend the case. Pending an appeal by the losing side, though.

Supreme Court rules that DOMA is unconstitutional!

The discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act will be wiped off law books after the U.S. Supreme Court today declared that Section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional.