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Two seats open on Uptown Community Parking Board

The Board Members for the Uptown Community Parking District are expected to attend monthly meetings held the second Monday at 5 pm and their appropriate neighborhood parking meeting.

Uptown inches toward a community plan update

The Uptown area — Bankers Hill, Middletown, Mission Hills, Hillcrest and part of University Heights — is in the process of rewriting its community plan, a blueprint for future development. The process is lengthy, expensive and highly iterative.

South Park for the dogs

If you hang around South Park at all, you have probably noticed that dogs are almost as welcome as humans in this happening little Uptown neighborhood, but the people that helped make that so will tell you it was not always the happy, dog-friendly place it is today.

More people, fewer homes in Uptown

The latest blueprint for Uptown, a central urban neighborhood that seems to fit the city's mold for growth, calls for a big drop in residential density.

Buyer interest strong in Uptown neighborhoods

Despite the sluggish economy, the state of residential real estate transactions remains strong in Uptown neighborhoods, according to one realtor.