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Tickets available for San Diego brunch with Bishop Christopher on June 16

Bishop Christopher is part of the global movement to decriminalize homosexuality in the 76 countries around the world where it is illegal to be gay. He will also part of the "Spirit of 76" effort to bring representatives of those 76 countries to Washington, D.C., in July for the World AIDS Conference.

RGOD2: Getting out of hell, an Easter parable

LGBT people have been historically and universally condemned to hell. The Easter message liberates us and invites us to live authentic and full lives, even when we are condemned by many religious institutions.

RGOD2: Lawsuit against Scott Lively shows when history and justice rhyme | VIDEO

“Big government” will, no doubt, be blamed for its abuse of religious conscience and his supporters will look to the martyr Scott Lively as a tangible example of the state telling the church what it should believe while persecuting God-fearing, Gospel-preaching Christians.