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Uganda court strikes down Anti-Homosexuality Act

After hearing arguments Wednesday on a challenge to the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act brought by a group of human rights activists, legal scholars, opposition politicians, and LGBT people, the Constitutional Court of Uganda struck down the law today.

Uganda: Draconian anti-gay bill signed into law | VIDEO

The draconian Anti-Homosexuality Bill is now law in Uganda, putting the lives of the LGBT community into harm’s way and setting back human rights in this landlocked African nation.

Anti-gay Uganda is obsessed with gay porn | VIDEO

Uganda might have vehemently anti-gay legislation in place, but that hasn't stopped the nation from becoming one of the world's top consumers of gay pornography, according to reports.

Dangerous liaisons: Meeting up with Uganda LGBT activist Sam Ganafa

What I experienced was what it is like to live in a place where it is not OK to be who you are, where you have to look over your shoulder everywhere you go, to watch the words that you speak on your cell phone or in any public space, to be afraid that one of your companions may be unduly pressured by law enforcement to turn you into the police.

Commentary: How things quickly turned wrong in Uganda

I was warned before I traveled to Uganda that my phone could be tapped and that my conversations in public were probably being listened to, and that my every move might be watched. I had an escort with me at all times except when I was alone in my hotel room.

RGOD2: Confessions of a naive gay cleric – “I fed and schooled Bahati”

It is ironic that a gay man helped David Bahati survive an early trauma of deprivation and loss, who then become the author of such a frightening narrative, where parents and caregivers are now expected to turn on the very people who put bread on his table.