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Uber offers free rides all weekend starting Thursday, May 5

Use "SAFECINCO" code to get a free ride from Uber this weekend.

The ridesharing service Uber is offering free rides to San Diegians this Cinco de Mayo weekend.

The swipe-and-go application has teamed with Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) to provide safe travels for riders in the throes of celebration.

Ridesharing bill to quell pricing hikes dies

Bill to stop pricing increases for ridesharing apps goes dead

A recent bill sponsored by State Sen. Ben Hueso (D) of California to regulate ridesharing prices and increased enforcement of ridesharing rules failed to get passed the Senate Committee today.

Hueso was concerned that without more regulations on ridesharing companies, consumers might be at risk of being taken advantage of, or susceptible to loose security guidelines.