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Tom McSorley

COMMENTARY: If we knew the truth, would we change?

Tom McSorley writes that over the years, little has changed in the fight against AIDS. He has created the "AIDS Ends With Me" campaign to change that.

COMMENTARY: After 30 years of AIDS, what can we say?

Have we learned nothing? Have we not endured enough? Are we really saying to people living with AIDS today, “Hey, we’ve already done enough?” It was true way back when and it is true today. Silence equals death.

Cowboy's tragedy illustrates plight of homeless living with HIV

An estimated 500 people in San Diego who are living with HIV or AIDS are also homeless, an alarming statistic that shames America's Finest City. And with a slumping economy and high unemployment, the number of homeless people continues to grow.

Funding crisis strikes San Diego groups helping people living with HIV/AIDS

An April 30 sidewalk sale is a first step to generate money for Being Alive San Diego, Special Delivery, Stepping Stone and Townspeople since government funding has been cut, which threatens the important services that these organizations provide.