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Timothy Rawles

Taylor Gobar's one-star review appears to be internet extortion to a Hillcrest business: FBI contacted

One local protester Taylor Gobar uses extortion through her reviews to hold businesses hostage until they do what she says.

It's a trend, it's real, and it's unethical. It's called "Internet Defamation," and I would soon find out one person is using it to threaten a well-respected Hillcrest business into submission. 

Plenty can be said about social activism, especially in the LGBT community. If the Stonewall Riots had not happened we may have not had the freedoms we enjoy today.

Review: 'Newsies' steps up the spectacular

Joey Barreiro and the cast of "Newsies."

There are only a few Broadway musicals that feel like a rollercoaster ride through a discotheque, and Disney’s “Newsies” may be the “E” ticket in your coupon book.

Don’t worry if you don’t get that reference, just know that when you go see this show (and I suggest you do) that it is a powerhouse of adrenaline which serves as the ink to the prescription bottle storyline.