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Timothy Rawles

Movie Review: 'Fair Haven' is a touching modern day love story

Michael Grant as James in "Fair Haven"

Nobody is quite sure what goes on in gay conversion therapies except those who have gone through it.

At one point in history (maybe even today) expelling the gay out of someone meant electro-shock treatments and aggressive forms of subliminal brain washing.

Dress made with anti-LGBT country flags showcased by trans model Valentijn de Hingh

Valentijn de Hingh models dress made of anti-LGBT country flags.

Transgender model Valentijn de Hingh wore a very special dress for a photo session inside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam over the weekend.

The gown is made up of country flags where homosexuality is currently illegal; 72 in all.

The Museum was host to EuroPride, the international event which celebrates gay pride in one select city each year, but represents many nations.