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Timothy Rawles

Not be missed, 'Matilda the Musical' is brilliant!

"Matilda: the Musical" plays through Sunday, February 5, at the Civic Theatre. 

It’s always great when a musical you hadn't expected to move you does so on many levels. 

“Matilda the Musical” now playing for a short run at the Civic Theatre in San Diego did that for me, and it will do it for you as well. 

Artist creates a visual obituary of celebrity deaths in 2016

U.K. artist Chris Barker pays tribute to those we lost in 2016.

The Grim Reaper played havoc on 2016, taking swipes with his scythe at many of pop culture’s most recognized celebrities, especially music icons who seemed to be his prime targets.

Artist Chris Barker wanted to pay tribute to those that Death managed to abscond with and created an image reminiscent of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.

Bianca Del Rio says she will do anything but 'that'

Drag queen of mean Bianca Del Rio stars in two new Logo specials, "Not Today Bianca."

The stinging Drag Queen of Mean, Bianca Del Rio is probably the hardest working queen in show business at the moment. Her website is chock full of appearance dates and there is more to come.

NOM announces an international sister organization

Brian S. Brown will head both the National Organization for Marriage and its new international branch International Organization for the Family.

East coast based National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has branched off into a sister organization called International Organization for the Family, or IOF.

Founder of NOM Brian S. Brown sent out an email announcement on Saturday, saying the fight to save traditional marriage in the U.S. could be better focused if those same efforts could be handled abroad.

First-ever gay marriage proposal at NBA game

Jake Conrad proposes to his boyfriend Michael Holtzman on the NBA court in Chicago.

Jake Conrad wanted to propose to his boyfriend, Chicago Bulls fan Michael Holtzman, in a very special way. And what better way to do that than if front of thousands of NBA basketball fans?

On December 6, Conrad made a plea to anyone on Facebook who would listen, “Does anyone know ANYONE I can contact at the Chicago Bulls offices?” Luckily Holtzman is not on Facebook. 

Ross Mathews; an intern gone international

Talk show host Ross Mathews went from intern to international.

I have always been a fan of Ross Mathews. 

Believe it or not he is one of those LGBT trailblazers whose changed television for all of us; in a small way at first, then went on to become one of the most recognized faces in entertainment.

This video may explain why gay men love musicals

Could lyricists have been writing gay innuendo into their musicals as a sign of solidarity?

There has been a long-held stereotype that gay men love musicals. For the most part that is a fair assumption. That’s not to say that all gay men love a book filled with song, but for those who do, it may have something to do with Hollywood’s closeted past.

Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood bar

Michael Sam gets into a verbal spar outside West Hollywood nightclub.

Former football star Michael Sam went out on the town in West Hollywood on Tuesday night, but his night ended with a heated verbal altercation with another man in the streets after leaving a club.

TMZ reports that the exchange happened outside of Bootsy Bellows as Sam and a man in a white shirt began to yell at each other for reasons that are still unclear.