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The Dallas Eagle owner is running for governor of Texas

Jeffrey Payne is running for

Jeffrey Payne is no stranger to diversity, but it may take a little more than that to secure him a place at the governor’s office, replacing the current one, Republican Greg Abbott.

The openly gay, 49-year-old Democrat is not really worried about what others think of his candidacy; he is raring to make a change in the conservative state.

Texas tries to chip away at marriage equality rights for city workers

They court overturned a previous decision made by the lower court which favored benefits and sent it back to a lower court.

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled unanimously on Friday that same-sex couples working for the City of Houston may not be privy to the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

They court overturned a previous decision made by the lower court which favored benefits and sent it back to a lower court.

Lambda Legal responds to discriminatory Texas foster care bill

House Bill 3859 (HB 3859) passed the Texas House of Representatives today. HB 3859 allows the state foster care system to invoke the religious beliefs of the state’s child placement agencies, including those funded by federal government, when placing children in foster or adoptive care.

Texas mayor comes out to community as transgender

Jedd Herbst of New Hope Texas comes out as trans.

Jess Herbst is a small-town mayor who just delivered some big-time news to the citizens of New Hope, Texas.

She has come out as transgender to over 600 people who live in the suburb situated 45 minutes from Dallas. 

This makes her the first transgender elected official in Texas. Herbst was elected to office in May 2016.

Texas bill seeks to allow LGBT discrimination throughout entire state

Sen. Bob Hall

Texas reactionary Sen. Bob Hall does not want the Lone Star State to enforce laws that ban specific discriminations against certain groups.

Hall would rather have the entire state follow the same non-discrimination laws that would prohibit a municipality from to creating protections for the LGBT community.

Republican Texas judge officiates gay wedding, comes out as a Democrat

Justice Terry Jennings, Elizabeth Jennings

Terry Jennings is now the only Democratic justice on the Texas First Court of Appeals after he quit the Republican Party and switched his party affiliation on Saturday.

The turning point for Jennings was in January, when he officiated a same-sex wedding and realized that he just didn’t belong in the GOP any longer.