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Trans woman's truck burned and tagged 'Trump'

Police are investigating a possible hate crime against a transgender woman in Tennessee.

The woman, because of the nature of the crime, only identified herself as” Elle.”

Rainbow nooses hanging from a tree, causes alarm on Tennessee campus

An art installation had both LGBT and African American college students on alert in Tennessee

Some students on the campus of Austin Peay State University in Tennessee were disturbed over six hangmen’s nooses in the colors of the pride flag which hung over a tree branch on campus.

The F.B.I was called to investigate, some thought the symbol was a death threat to LGBT students. 

However, it was discovered that the display was a student's art project.

New anti-queer tourism spoof reveals potential terrifying future Of Tennessee

Parody Mississippi tourism ad: “Ride a horse without worrying a gay guy is looking at your butt…”

With two anti-queer bills poised to wreak havoc in Tennessee, the good folks at Funny or Die whipped up a new “tourism commercial” for the state. The spot-on clip follows on the heels of two other similar fake ads for North Carolina and Mississippi that also target bigotry in the South.

Anti-LGBT counseling bill awaits Tennessee Governor's signature

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R), may sign into law a measure that would allow therapists to refuse patients.

LGBT people could face even more discrimination in the South as legislatures have granted the passage of a bill that would allow mental health professionals to deny services based on their religious convictions.

Same-gender couples sue to get their marriages recognized in Tennessee

Four legally married same-gender couples who live in Tennessee today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Nashville, challenging Tennessee laws that prevent the state from recognizing their marriages and treating them the same as all other legally married couples in Tennessee.