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The Taste Buds

The Taste Buds check out Wang's North Park

Wang’s North Park is one of the hippest places in hippy-dippy North Park, one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Diego, California. What did the Taste Buds think of the food?

DINING REVIEW: Akinori sushi in Hillcrest impresses the Taste Buds

Chef Akinori “Aki” Sato confidently creates his culinary works of art in full view of up to 12 wide-eyed patrons sitting at the L-shaped sushi bar at Akinori Sushi in Hillcrest. A sharp blade slices through fresh fish steaks as Chef prepares masterful morsels ranging from sashimi and sushi to California rolls.

The Taste Buds take a foodie journey to Miguel's Cocina in Carlsbad

Once in a while, it is fun to get out of town for a foodie adventure, and The Brigantine Family of Restaurants tempted the Taste Buds into trying out its newest Miguel’s Cocina location in lovely Carlsbad.

DINING REVIEW: The Taste Buds pig out at Brazen BBQ - and that's a good thing!

John Bracamonte and Brad Thomas, business partners who operate Brazen BBQ, are heart-attack serious about their barbecue and they put their reputation on the line in barbecue competitions around the country. The Taste Buds make a visit to the Hillcrest restaurant, and share their dining experience.

DINING REVIEW: The Taste Buds satisfy their love of vino and food at The Wine Pub

The Taste Buds are pleased by their dining experience at The Wine Pub and salute the owners for their innovative way of thinking. If you love wine, a little romance, a pinch of music and a place where your pooch is welcome, The Wine Pub is a place to call your home away from home.