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Tasmania's Upper House to revive marriage bill

Tasmanian's Upper House is set to be the focus of national attention in Australia when it considers for a second time whether the island state can go it alone in legalising same-sex marriage.

Tasmania: "Bigots' Island" now championing gay rights

Gay rights activists in Tasmania express optimism that same-sex marriage would be legalized in the island state off mainland Australia before the end of this year.

Tasmania upper house rejects same-sex marriage

The hearts and dreams of gay and lesbian couples in the Australian state of Tasmania have been broken, after the state government's upper house narrowly voted Thursday to reject marriage equality.

Australian MPs are doubtful about gay marriage

A two-hour debate over a same-sex marriage bill in the Australian parliament today indicated that there is not enough support to change the law.

In Tasmania, lower house approves marriage for gay and lesbian couples

After hours of civilized but emotional debate of same-sex marriage, the Tasmania House of Assembly voted 13-11 to approve marriage for gay and lesbian couples. A third reading and passage is required for the bill to go into law.

Tasmania hits gay marriage stumbling block

Tasmania could become the first Australian state to legalize gay marriage but Premier Lara Giddings faces an uphill battle in the Upper House.