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Target aisles are being verbally commandeered by the religious right

Target is getting overrun by loud, religious protesters inside the store.

Target has become a place where the Christian Right are taking their voices to protest the chain’s recent bathroom inclusion policy.

Some YouTube videos have surfaced showing people opposed to the policy heading into their local chain and screaming their disdain and scripture to shoppers.

All Target stores' restrooms trans-inclusive as of today

Target says that transgender persons can now use the restroom of their choice

Target stores are now allowing customers to use restrooms that match their identifying gender.

The retail chain is the latest in a massive collection of corporations who are taking a stand against recent anti-LGBT legislation.

Target opens mini store in South Park

Crowds of shoppers and curious neighbors descended upon a Target mini store that had its soft opening on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

TargetExpress in South Park to open Oct. 7

The TargetExpress has generated mixed emotions among South Park residents, dividing the community between those who support the retail business locating in the vintage 1960s Safeway building and those who oppose “Corporate America” intruding upon “Main Street” mom-and-pop stores.

TargetExpress to open in South Park in the fall

TargetExpress will open Oct. 7 in South Park, according to Target, in a remodeled mid-century building that was constructed by Safeway in the early 1960s.

Planners to hear TargetExpress update

The TargetExpress would go into the Gala Food site on the corner of Grape and Fern streets, but faces stiff opposition from many residents.

TargetExpress store in South Park delays opening

The proposed opening of a TargetExpress store in South Park’s remodeled Gala Food site on the corner of Grape and Fern streets has been delayed from summer until fall.