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Naked Swedish wrestlers' video touts HIV testing

RFSL Göteborg has created a rather provocative video with eight naked wrestlers smeared in different flavors of jelly for testing their prowess on the mat and to urge testing for the HIV virus.

Uruguay ready to say "I do" to marriage equality

Marriage equality is all but certain in the South American nation of Uruguay after the lower house of Congress late Tuesday voted 81-6 in favor of a bill that would grant the same rights to same-sex couples that are enjoyed by straight couples.

Football team sacked after homophobic threats

A Swedish football club has fired all the players on its top team following complaints that players hurled homophobic remarks at members of an opposing team.

UPDATED! In Mexico, Supreme Court axes same-sex marriage ban

Gay-rights advocates in Mexico today are hailing a ruling by the nation's Supreme Court that says that marriage is not just between a man and a woman, a decision that will have widespread implications throughout the country.

Q&A: Swedish gay footballer Anton Hysen

Anton Hysen, the world’s only openly gay professional footballer, says his life has changed dramatically for the better, following his decision to come out eighteen months ago.

Why is Sweden deporting asylum seekers back to Syria?

Sweden is continuing to try to remove Syrian asylum seekers, despite the appalling human rights situation in that country. The attempted removals have led to protests by opposition Social Democrats.