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Life Beyond Therapy: It's not the alcohol; it's you

People love to blame their problems on sources other than themselves. It’s not much fun to take responsibility for our problems, is it? And yet, it’s really the only way to make changes that last.

Spiritual or religious: What's the difference?

At cocktail parties, I sometimes hear people talking about their “spiritual path” as a source of peace, comfort and insight. But what is a spiritual path anyway? And is it the same as a path based on religion?

Has hooking up become boring?

For many of my clients, having lots of fast, uncaring, unthinking sex isn’t very exciting. In fact, it can be downright boring.

Heart & Soul: We all need a little spring cleaning

The opportunity is for us to open the windows of our hearts, let the fresh air in, forgive what needs to be forgiven (ourselves and others), and create a new story.

In the Raw: How to cope with loneliness

SDGLN Contributor Jennine Estes, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, offers advice for single people fighting loneliness.

Heart & Soul: What does this mean?

What we believe and tell ourselves, about our past, other people, and even God (Spirit, the Universe, our Higher Power), might not even be true. This can affect your life in more ways than you think.