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Stampp Corbin

Commentary: Who's telling the truth at LGBT Weekly?

LGBT Weekly Publisher Stampp Corbin says this, and "Mayor of Hillcrest" columnist Nicole Murray Ramirez says that. So who is writing fiction over there?

COMMENTARY | The bold-faced lies of LGBT Weekly and Bob Filner

Let’s examine how LGBT Weekly fabricated several articles – erroneously blaming Johnathan Hale and Hale Media for a water fight at Balboa Park that got out of hand -- in a blatant attempt to stick it to the rival media company and falsely spread blame to the mayoral candidate not supported by Corbin.

COMMENTARY: The truth behind LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign against Carl DeMaio

The truth is, DeMaio is not dangerous to the LGBT community – he is dangerous to union leadership that has way too much influence on San Diego politicians -- and that is exactly where the driver of LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign can be found.