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Stacey Dash

Conservative anti-LGBT star Stacey Dash to run for So-Cal congressional seat

'Clueless" star putting her hat in the running for So-Cal congressional seat.

Outspoken actress Stacey Dash has filed paperwork to run for a congressional seat in Southern California’s 44th District.

The Clueless star will run as a Republican in a position currently held by Democrat Nanette Barragan. Republicans are the longshot in this district of Los Angeles in which liberal voters outweigh conservatives by a large margin. 

Transphobe Stacey Dash gets a fitting end in 'Sharknado 4'

Stacey Dash in "Sharknado 4" gets

You may not be a big fan of the Syfy Channel’s “Sharnado” franchise, but their latest installment has at least one thing that will make you chuckle -- more than just the cheesy special effects and B-movie storyline.

If you have been anxiously anticipating this Syfy original, you may not want to read any further because there are spoilers.