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Guys, Games & Grub is Wednesday night at The Center!

Dozens of men and friends gather at The Center on the first Wednesday of each month for Guys, Games & Grub (GGG).

The fun social event includes includes pizza, beer, wine, soft drinks, games, prizes, and more. Hundreds of board games are available to choose from, or participants bring their own.

Guys, Games & Grub is Wednesday at The Center

This free event includes pizza, snacks, beer and beverages for all attendees while enjoying fun games, conversation and friends. Over 200 men typically show up each month.

Heart & Soul: Forgiving our fathers

"We wish our fathers loved us (although we never really know if they did or not), nurtured us and accepted us. If they didn’t, the only thing we can do is forgive them."

Heart & Soul: Becoming visible

Life, thankfully, is changing for us in the LGBT community, whether conservative fundamentalists like it or not. A lot of the change for us has to do with our being willing and able to raise our hands and say “yes, I am.”

Fashionably Out: Cute dress, dear, just not on you

SDGLN fashion star Christian Baez offers a quick breakdown of easy-to-follow fashion do’s and don’ts for all body types that will make your style executions the life of the party!

Heart & Soul: We all need a little spring cleaning

The opportunity is for us to open the windows of our hearts, let the fresh air in, forgive what needs to be forgiven (ourselves and others), and create a new story.

Heart & Soul: Living in the WOW

So what can we do while we wait for the Supreme Court’s decision?