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Get Back to Fabulous in Hillcrest!

San Diegans are encouraged to come back and support the Hillcrest businesses they know and love.

As restrictions limiting which businesses can operate begin to be lifted, the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) is encouraging San Diegans to "Get Back To Fabulous" by supporting the Hillcrest businesses they know and love. While everything isn't completely back to normal yet, Fabulous Hillcrest is ready to Get Back To Fabulous!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hillcrest could be so much more

Hillcrest business owner Amy Capano says that the neighborhood has become less of a destination for shoppers over the last 17 years, and adding another drugstore is not the solution.

Hillcrest Walgreens proposal is questioned

Community response to the proposed Walgreens at 301 University Ave. bring forth issues of what is best for the Hillcrest business district.