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Life Beyond Therapy: Fantasy sex

We imagine what other people do and we see — in videos and movies — hundreds of images of how other people have sex.

Back Out With Benny: #TalkingSex

As a gay man, I’ve spent much of my life hearing people tell me how I should have sex (or why the sex I had is wrong, or why having too much sex made me a “slut”). I don’t want that to be the case anymore — I want people to feel the freedom to have whatever type of legal and consensual sex they want to have — as often as they want to!

Why some straight men are romantically or sexually attracted to other men

When I write about straight men who are attracted to or having sex with other men, I receive numerous negative responses, mostly from gay men who have lived in the closet, convincing themselves that they were straight, and may have even had relationships or marriages with women.

What is asexuality? A community's coming of age | VIDEO

This is the first part of a six-part series on asexuality, in which Huffington Post Gay Voices explores the history of the asexual movement, uncover current research on asexuality, debunk common misconceptions and discuss the challenges the asexual community faces.

Maxwell's Billet Doux: Friend or foe?

Yes, I had my “Mean Girls” moment in real life. People will make fun of that movie, but in reality things like that do happen.