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Sean Sala

COMMENTARY: Turning coal into diamonds

Sean Sala shares the story of a meeting he recently had with a representative from the Salvation Army, in which he has been given the opportunity to make change within the international organization.

Interview: Hanging out with Frank Sweeney of MTV's The Real World

The current season of MTV's The Real World: San Diego crossed paths with San Diego Pride with some eventful results. But ironically enough, despite the young cast in Real World: San Diego, the house was very, very divided on the issue of same-sex relationships. Despite this, housemate Sweeney could arguably be the most celebrated LGBT character on the popular reality-television show since Pedro Zamora.

COMMENTARY: The truth behind LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign against Carl DeMaio

The truth is, DeMaio is not dangerous to the LGBT community – he is dangerous to union leadership that has way too much influence on San Diego politicians -- and that is exactly where the driver of LGBT Weekly’s smear campaign can be found.