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Squirrel causes neighborhood power outage on Tuesday

Rodent to blame fr local power outage on Tuesday.

A squirrel was the culprit for a midday power outage on Tuesday which affected several communities in Central San Diego including Hillcrest.

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) reports that over 45,000 people were affected by the disruption which began at about 12:30 pm and lasted for a few hours.

IMPACT South Bay to host community wellness fair

The event promotes wellness and empowers residents of the South San Diego community by providing information and resources that will increase access to legal services, medical and mental health care, affordable housing, education, government benefits and more.

Ouch! SDG&E rates to increase

The CPUC said a typical electric customer’s bill could increase about 12.2 percent, or $9.95 per month, while households that receive natural gas would have to pay an extra 9.6 percent per month, or around $3.55.