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San Diego

COMMENTARY: To be monogamous or not?

The practice of polyamory was once thought to be an absurd issue to explore as a relationship choice. But today's it's not, opines SDGLN contributor the Rev. Irene Monroe.

Lessons Learned: Freedom from domestic violence is short-lived, victim says

In the final episode of a two-part, first-person account of domestic violence in the LGBT community, Jeff Gilson of San Diego escapes his hell on Earth on the East Coast only to find himself in another one on the West Coast. Find out what happened to him.

Political analysts divided on effect of Nathan Fletcher's party switches

While David Alvarez and Faulconer are campaigning hard within their established base, Nathan Fletcher continues to fight allegations that his newly blue political alignment is less about party affiliation and more about doing whatever is needed to win the Mayor’s Office.

Timeline for San Diego mayoral special election

The Nov. 19 election to replace former Mayor Bob Filner is fast approaching and the County Registrar of Voters has outlined some important dates for voters.

Will the real Nathan Fletcher please stand up?

In the course of a year, Nathan Fletcher went from Republican to Independent to Democrat, leaving San Diego's LGBT community wondering exactly where he stands.