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San Diego Unified School District

San Diego offers kids free lunch throughout the City this summer

San Diego offers kids 18 and under free lunches in parks and schools around the city this summer.

This week The City of San Diego started a summer program to feed kids aged 18 and under at parks, recreational centers and schools all around the City. There is no paperwork or identification required.

San Diego Unified announces 'strategic plan' for LGBTQ students

The plan offers ways to close current achievement gaps and focuses on cultural proficiency; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) training and support; restorative practices; ethnic studies; civic collaboration, and substance use prevention.

Kevin Beiser: AB1266 implementation is easy for San Diego Unified

San Diego Unified School District board president Kevin Beiser assures the community that AB 1266 - the School Success and Opportunity Act - is a good thing for the school district and all schools across the state.