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San Diego Remembers

Local organizations to honor Harvey Milk on May 22

Local organizations to honor Harvey Milk on May 22

The Equality Business Alliance, the Imperial Court de San Diego, San Diego Remembers, and the San Diego LGBT Visitors Center, will host a virtual event on on Saturday, May 22 to honor the late Harvey Milk on what would be his birthday.

A virtual wreath laying ceremony will be from the Harvey Milk Memorial Bench in Balboa Park and community members are encouraged to tune in.

San Diego Remembers moves forward with plans for #SpiritDay 2015

On Oct. 15, 2015, SDR invites the community to don their purple attire and meet at the John Wear plaque for a time of refection, to celebrate those memories at a Spirit Day Parade immediately after, and finish at a resource reception, where you can find out how to activate your activism in one of San Diego’s LGBTQ social justice efforts.

San Diego Remembers seeking community members for group photo

In advance of the sixth annual San Diego Remembers Matthew Shepard event on Tuesday, Oct. 14, the organizing committee is seeking community members to pose in a group photo that will be used in this year's promotional materials.

San Diego Remembers to commemorate Stonewall Riots

The event will include a hosted champage bar from 8-9 pm June 28 sponsored by Autumn Houston Salon, a toast, music, treats and a chance for community members to come together and learn more about its past.