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ADOPT ME! Beth will melt your heart!

Beth has big brown eyes that will melt your heart. She loves to soak up the sights and sounds around her and is looking to spend quality time with her new people friends! Will you take Beth home?

GLAAD's What To Watch on Wednesday

Tonight catch one of the most anticipated "Top Chef" challenges as the contestants come face-to-face in Restaurant Wars, plus new episodes of "Days of Our Lives," "Modern Family," "Happy Endings" and "Revenge."

In Iran, a looming Internet "disaster" for LGBT community

Iran is instituting new clampdowns on Internet use, and is about to cut itself off from the World Wide Web. Activists trying to support gay people inside Iran say this will be a "disaster."

GLAAD's What To Watch on Tuesday

Tonight catch new episodes of "Days of Our Lives" and "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."