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same-sex marriage

Straight couple shows support for marriage equality

Nationwide, the majority of Americans support marriage equality, including a large and growing number of corporations and elected officials. Rice and his wife Ashley are proud to count themselves as allies.

COMMENTARY: The pledge of hate

An Alabama congressional hopeful pledges to uphold "traditional marriage" and promised to oppose "gay marriage."

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis win VMA for "Same Love" VIDEO

“And to watch this song in the last year spread across the world is a testament to what is happening right now in America on the forefront of equality. Gay rights are human rights, there is no separation.”

New Mexico woman gets dying wish to marry her partner

Jen Roper, 44, who is suffering from a life-threatening form of brain cancer, marries Angelique Neuman in a brief ceremony in the lobby of Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center, where she is hospitalized.

In New Mexico, Santa Fe hosts mass gay wedding today

At least a dozen recipients of the Santa Fe County’s first licenses held an impromptu mass gay wedding in the chambers of the county commission just minutes after receiving their licenses.