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same-sex marriage

Gov. Chris Christie seeks emergency appeal of N.J. marriage ruling

Republican Gov. Chris Christie, running for re-election in New Jersey and harboring presidential ambitions in 2016, has asked for an emergency order from a federal appeals court to prevent same-gender marriages from beginning on Monday, Oct. 21 in New Jersey.

N.J. court allows marriages to proceed, denies stay request

The New Jersey Superior Court today denied the State's motion to stay the Sept. 27 ruling allowing same-sex couples to marry. Republican Gov. Chris Christie and the state's Attorney General had requested the stay

Tit for tat? NOM and HRC go after each other

NOM sues the IRS over the release of tax documents to HRC that revealed the names of top donors to the anti-gay hate group. HRC fires back, accusing NOM of meddling in foreign affairs.

Tasmania's Upper House to revive marriage bill

Tasmanian's Upper House is set to be the focus of national attention in Australia when it considers for a second time whether the island state can go it alone in legalising same-sex marriage.

MEUSA launches National Equality Action Team

Marriage Equality USA (MEUSA) is launching the National Equality Action Team (NEAT), a coalition of almost 50 local, state and national organizations and individual organizers mobilizing volunteers to win the freedom to marry in states with active marriage equality campaigns.

Landlord sued to add same-gender spouse to lease

Lambda Legal files a complaint against a New York City landlord for refusing to add lesbian tenant Dava Weinstein's spouse Dorothy Calvani to her rent-stabilized lease as is required by state and city law.