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same-sex marriage

COMMENTARY: Gay marriage supporters shift debate from rights to love and commitment

Rather than focusing on the legal rights and benefits of marriage — such as Social Security payments, spousal health care coverage and joint tax filing — many advocates have begun to emphasize the personal aspects of the marital bond, like commitment and responsibility.

COMMENTARY: Time for DOMA to go the way of the dodo

Whether DOMA will be repealed remains very much in doubt. The House has a new Republican-Tea Party majority that is more conservative than the nation at large; polls show that a majority of American supports the repeal of DOMA.

R.I. couple’s fight for gay marriage is deeply personal

“Every American is entitled to their civil rights under our Constitution. And it’s Rhode Island’s time to do the right thing. I don’t feel any Rhode Islander wants to see another deprived of their civil rights. I hope I live to see this dream come true.”