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Ronald Reagan

Patti Davis, daughter of Nancy Reagan, says her mother supports marriage equality

Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, made headlines two weeks ago when she said her father would have backed same-sex marriage. Now, in a new interview, she says that her mother, who rarely speaks on public policy issues, supports marriage equality.

COMMENTARY: Visit to an "insane asylum" proves to be life-altering

After the school-shooting rampage in Connecticut, America needs to reassess how it treats the mentally ill ... on top of finding new and creative ways to establish gun control without violating the Second Amendment.

PFLAG Perspective: A retrospective look at the AIDS crisis

With a visual protest on the front of her home the day Reagan died, my friend Jeri illustrated the deep personal toll the AIDS crisis had taken at a time when something needed to be done and the Reagan administration did little to nothing to help. This lack of action contributed to a crisis that is now a pandemic, said to affect 33 million people, worldwide.