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Roman Jimenez

SDGLN exclusive: Accuser in HIV-infection case speaks out for the first time

In an exclusive interview with San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN.com), the original accuser in a case alleging that Thomas Guerra intentionally infected him with HIV has come forward for his first on-the-record interview. In it, he sheds light on the facts of the case and gives media covering the story a much-deserved reprimand.

Save your life: A primer on HIV

Find out life-saving information on the various symptoms of new HIV infection, the tests for HIV that are available and where you can get them for free as well as a close look at the current state of HIV prevention and the different methods available.

Roman Jimenez: How I lost 100 pounds in 12 months

He called himself an athlete but he was too heavy, too tired, and too lethargic to be the kind he knew he could be. His parents died of heart problems relatively young, and frankly, he couldn't remember the last time he went out on a date. One day he woke up and decided to do something about it.