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RGOD2: Global women’s work ends in New York, but is anyone listening?

Three-thousand women are returning home from the UN after a unique opportunity to share insights and listen to one another. The question remains simply: Were they talking to themselves, or did the world hear about their courage, achievements and their cries?

RGOD2: The intersections of oppression and violence

The takeaway from the UN Commission on the Status of Women is simply to continue to organize at the grassroots level and build as many alliances and shared projects as we can, especially around meaningful work and deeper conversations and projects with the faith community.

RGOD2: In praise of our forebears under the rubble - Alan Turing

The anti-gay law that was used to destroy Alan Turing’s life and career was still in operation in Britain and Ireland when I was growing up and it was not until 1967 that it was repealed in Britain and a few years later in Northern Ireland.

RGOD2: Women of Faith. Women of Doubt

The courageous stories of four exceptional women who have made a commitment to gender and LGBT equality and the positive and negative implications for their religious faith.

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle leaving California after 32 years of ministry

The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, a distinguished man of the cloth who has an international pulpit in his quest to further LGBT rights on a global scale and a pastor who is as comfortable caring for people with HIV in remote parts of Africa as hobnobbing with former President Bill Clinton, is leaving his post at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral for a new calling on the East Coast.

RGOD2: The presence of absence, a reflection on 9/11 and lessons in shared heritage

The complex of buildings, the memorial museum and fountains all create a secure space where deeper contemplation is invited and protected. It is not only a place of wounded memory, but it is a tribute to all that is positive about being human. This is clearly not what the terrorists had in mind 13 years ago, on a day we cannot forget.

RGOD2: Where is God when needed most?

With all of these challenges this week across the globe, a few people have asked me the courageous question: “How could God allow this to happen?”