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religious freedom

Lambda Legal responds to discriminatory Texas foster care bill

House Bill 3859 (HB 3859) passed the Texas House of Representatives today. HB 3859 allows the state foster care system to invoke the religious beliefs of the state’s child placement agencies, including those funded by federal government, when placing children in foster or adoptive care.

Trump signs Religious Freedom executive order

President Trump promises to restore religious freedom with executive order he signed at the White House Rose Garden.

In what could be a major setback for the LGBT community, President Trump is at the White House this morning where the theme is spirituality on this 66th annual National Day of Prayer.

The president issued an executive order to make good on promises he made to conservatives on the campaign trail.

Governor Pat McCrory's executive order a 'poor effort,' says ACLU

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory makes an executive order against anti-LGBT law, but it is very limited.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made an executive order today changing some of the measures provided in the anti-LGBT law, HB 2.  

The order clarifies that LGBT state employees, and only state employees,  will be legally exempt from discriminatory actions, or prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

But some advocacy organizations say it is too little.

ACLU to fight "religious freedom" movement

ACLU officials say the civil-rights group is tweaking and relaunching its #Out4Freedom campaign to fight "religious freedom" bills that are designed as licenses to discriminate.

COMMENTARY: Another "Christian" myth - the “war on Christmas”

Real religious liberty means that religious freedom must exist for every single American, not just for the sect of conservative Christians who are trying their best to influence our government and have their beliefs be the law of the land.