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Relationships in the Raw

Shrink Wrap: Help! I have feelings for someone else

"Confused" is in a longterm relationship but having feelings for one of her friends. Find out what advice our relationship expert offers her.

In the Raw: The Facebook "status" dilemma

Generally, all eyes are on our "relationship status" on Facebook. Any time a change is made, the response of friends is often immediate, regardless of the change. But what about the impact on your partner? Even if the relationship is over, don't you want to salvage a friendship in the long term?

In the Raw: Seven misconceptions about therapy

Don't try to take short cuts, lie or keep secrets if you expect therapy to help guide you to new heights in your relationship. Jennine identifies some of the common misconceptions clients have about couples counseling.

Shrink Wrap: A boyfriend with two identities?

Helpless in San Diego has found plenty of clues that his partner is leading a double life, and apparently has been for quite some time. Read what advice Jennine has to help the one left out in the cold to move on.

LGBT Sports Profile: Jennine Estes - trapeze trickster

Estes has found that her unique sport of choice takes her a world away from the emotional grind she often finds in her therapy practice and offers her ways to learn and grow personally, every day.

In the Raw: Couples Facebook therapy

Relationships can be challenging enough without the added complications that a social networking site like Facebook can add to the situation.

In the Raw: How to bounce back after a gay bashing

Gay bashing doesn't just happen on Main Street U.S.A. any more, perpetrators are getting brave and going into the more gay-friendly areas, too. If you are the victim of a hate crime, here are some things to help you get back on track emotionally and mentally.