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Proposition 8

COMMENTARY: Ninth Circuit decision keeps focus on California

Given the reasoning of the Ninth Circuit’s decision and its focus on the specific circumstances that led to the enactment of Prop 8 in California, it may be a tall order for the supporters of Prop 8 to persuade the Supreme Court to take the case.

ACTION ALERT: Prop 8 community march planned in Hillcrest

San Diegans are encouraged to gather at Sixth Avenue and University Avenue to celebrate or protest the ruling, then march to Joyce Beers Uptown Community Center to speak out in favor of the installation of a Pride flag.

Ninth Circuit to rule Thursday on Proposition 8 trial video

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals announced today that it plans to file an opinion by 10 am PT Thursday, Feb. 2, regarding the public release of Proposition 8 trial videotapes.