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Prop 8

Fred Karger proud to make history as first gay candidate for President

Fred Karger discusses his historic campaign, takes a swipe at his mortal enemy, Maggie Gallagher of the anti-gay hate group the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and predicts the outcome of the Proposition 8 legal case.

RGOD2: What LGBT people might expect from a Mormon president

If Mitt Romney, a Mormon, is elected President, his biggest impact on LGBT equality issues would be with U.S. Supreme Court appointees. The next president is likely to appoint more than one new justice, shaping the court for decades to come.

Presbyterians censure retired pastor for marrying same-sex couples

A lower court's rebuke of Spahr was upheld, along with the warning that pastors should not represent the marriage of gay or lesbian couples as Presbyterian marriages. As a result, all ministers who officiate at same-sex weddings could face church sanctions.