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Hillcrest Pride flag vandalized, local businesses take action with fundraiser

Vandals mar historic Hillcrest LGBT landmark.

A Hillcrest landmark that is supposed to signify unity, freedom, and beauty was marred by vandalism last week (Feb. 6).

Two plaques beneath the Pride Flag on University Avenue and Normal Street were scratched up and damaged with what looks like an object sharp enough to make deep gashes in the surface.

Principal takes gifted Pride flag down at elementary school for 'political' reasons

Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. takes down Pride flag for "political" reasons.

The principal of Lafayette Elementary School in Washington D.C. says she took down the flag because she is worried about “wading into political waters.”

What’s more, the school is located next to community of Chevy Chase where vice president-elect Pence is living temporarily before he relocates to Number One Observatory Circle come January.

Castro Street Pride flag remains at full-mast after Orlando attacks

Pride flag at the gateway to The Castro district in San Francisco. (archive photo)

SAN FRANCISCO - The Pride flag standing vigilant over the entrance to one of the most recognized LGBT neighborhoods in the world is flying full-mast in San Francisco, despite other cities flying theirs at half-mast.

President Obama ordered that all U.S. flags on federal property to be flown at half-mast until Thursday in honor of the victims of the Orlando massacre.