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Palm Springs Pride shares plans for 2020 Pride Weekend taking place Nov. 6-8

Palm Springs Pride shares plans for 2020 Pride Weekend taking place Nov. 6-8

Pride Weekend is November 6-8 in Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Pride invites the community to come together in solidarity, in the spirit of activism, and to demonstrate resilience under the theme Exist. Resist. Persist. A combination of social distanced, in-person and virtual programs are scheduled.

A longtime activist's history of pride celebrations in San Diego

Nicole Murray-Ramirez shares about the 46-year evolution of San Diego Pride

Editors note: This year's San Diego Pride weekend may have looked different than we are used to, but it will still be one to add to the long legacy of pride celebrations in the city. Longtime activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez shared his history of San Diego's pride celebration with us and we are publishing it below.

Pride Festival VIP winner announced

San Diego Pride Festival is on Saturday, July 13, and Sunday July 14, 2019.

San Diego Pride Week 2019 is here and one lucky person just became a VIP. 

Anthony Semintendi entered and won a pair of VIP Pride Festival tickets.

Cathedral City LGBT Days kicks off CA Pride season

The annual LGBT Days Bed Race is a CA King-size competition.

Let the season of California Pride begin, as the first LGBT event of the year comes to Palm Springs on Friday, March 24 through March 26.

Cathedral City LGBT Days is now in its 35th year, and promises to kick-off spring 2017 with plenty of A-list headliners, special events and music.

Christian theme park wants to 'Take back the rainbow'

The owner of Christian theme park is taking back the rainbow.

 Ark Encounter, a theme park in Williamstown Kentucky has lit up their namesake attraction with the colors of the rainbow, but it’s not for gay pride.

The park boasts having the full-size model of Noah’s Ark, and recently they lit it up with the colors of the rainbow, just as many landmarks did around the country in celebration of the supreme Court ruling on marriage equality.

Back Out With Benny: We are family

We are a family and despite our many differences (many of those differences are what make this family so beautiful), we are there for each other on our best days and our worst days.