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presidential debate

Where were the LGBT issues in the presidential debate?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton square-off in first presidential debate.

[Editor's note, several people have reached out to me and said the topics for last night's debate, chosen in advance, were "America's Direction," "Achieving Prosperity" and "Securing America" which still makes me wonder why LGBT issues weren't brought up in any of those categories.It would seem that one candidate would address the community just a little; at least in the "America's Directio

Urban Mo's wants to make 'America Fabulous Again!'

Watch the Hillary and Trump presidential debate at Urban Mo's on Sept. 27.

This has been on whirlwind presidential cycle with one candidate who may make history as the first woman to rule from the desk in the Oval Office and the other stirring up provocative ideals and anti-LGBT vitriol.

COMMENTARY: Log Cabin Republicans are right to ask why CNN won’t invite pro-equality candidates to GOP presidential debates

"The pointed exclusion of pro-equality candidates, such as former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and openly gay Republican candidate Fred Karger, perpetuates the myth that Republicans are uniform in their opinions on social issues – a myth which hurts the Republican Party among independents, moderates and younger voters.”