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Pornhub offers to buy 'Vine,' adding six-second loops of adult content

Adult site Pornhub offers to but video app "Vine."

Twitter announced this week that it will be shutting down the popular video site "Vine" for good. However, adults-only site Pornhub would like to save the six-second video service.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News received an email from adults-only site Pornhub, saying that they have officially offered to buy "Vine," but did not give a specific price.

Pornhub now offers gay adult films for VR devices

Pornhub partnered with another gay site called Virtual Real Gay for their immersive films. 

Those popular front-focal virtual reality (VR) view masters for your cell phones can now be used to watch gay adult films on adult site Pornhub (NSFW), the company reported today.

The technology has already been in place for straight videos since May.